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The journey starts now!

Imagine a sewing machine compact enough to take it to sewing courses or to fit comfortably on the shelf. Now, imagine that this same machine is equipped with the functions designed to meet the needs of sewing lovers PFAFF.

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Compact/portable sewing machine (lightweight: 6.3 kg).

Perfect for courses and travel, the original IDT PFAFF system - Integrated Double Transport: only for PFAFF for over 40 years!

The transport of the fabric is absolutely uniform from above and below. The original PFAFF foot system To expand your sewing experience, many optional accessories are available, 70 stitches. A wide variety of beautiful 7 mm stitches, including utility, decorative, quilt, buttonhole, decorative, artistic and flat points. The beautiful open Paris point for adjustable applications; It's easy to get the results you want.

Start/Stop button press the Start button to sew without using the pedal. It facilitates the sewing of long, freehand seams and buttonholes.

Speed slider Adjust the speed for maximum control.

Design PFAFF Created for precision, it helps you achieve professional results easily and comfortably.

Two LED light sources, optimized bright lights illuminate the entire work area without shadows.

Point Menu tab, convenient location on the right side of the machine. Extract it to view the complete collection of points.

Hard case protects the sewing machine during transport and does not allow dust to settle.

Asoles in a single step graft the foot for buttonholes and easily sew all the buttonholes you want.

Freehand stitching, just engage the optional freehand foot and lower the jaws to facilitate the quilt.

External lowering of claws Lower the jaws to perform stitching, freehand embroidery or mending.

Automatic foot lift Lift the foot to the maximum height so that thick fabrics can be placed effortlessly.

Adjustable foot pressure when using special techniques or sewing light or heavy fabrics.

Adjustable thread tension according to the type of fabric, padding, thread, etc. The thread tension selector can be adjusted to make the threads meet evenly between two layers of fabric.

Needle up/down With the push of a button you can set the needle to stop up or down in the fabric, rotate it, run applications and more. Press the pedal to swap between the up/down positions of the needle.

Immediate stopping, the machine will perform a stop and stop automatically for quick and easy finishing.

29 needle positions Perfect for stitching, quilts, zippering insertion and more.

Insert integrated needle facilitates and speeds up the threading of the needle needle needle plate. The notches on the sides of the needle help you guide the fabric.

Plug-in feet Changing feet is easy and does not require the use of screwdrivers or other tools.

Coil with high loading easy access.

Electronic needle drilling power Full drilling power is available at all speeds allowing total control.

Two fuse holders for double needle sewing or special techniques.

Accessory feet included.
6 different feet for all your basic needs.

Accessory box To keep all your sewing needs at hand table.

Optional base extension Expand your workspace. An excellent support for machining quilts or other large projects.

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