Electronic sewing machine Singer Featherweight C240

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No matter what kind of sewing you want to do, you'll love the new SINGER®Integrated Even Feed (IEF) system. This advanced technology allows you to sew any fabric even in multiple layers without worrying if the pieces of fabric correspond to the end of the seam.

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No matter what kind of sewing you want to do, you will love the new SINGER®Integrated Even Feed (IEF) system. This advanced technology allows you to sew any fabric, even multiple layers, without worrying about whether the fabric pieces match at the end of the seam.

Lightweight, silky fabrics don't get stuck, stripes and plaids match perfectly, and curved seams are easy to sew.

Your machine moves from a single layer to multiple layers effortlessly and even sews a bulky seam without hesitation.

SINGER Integrated Transport System (IEF)

- This technology allows you to sew all types of fabrics, including several layers and bulky seams, without worrying about whether pieces of fabric match at the end of the seam. Lightweight, silky fabrics won't get stuck, stripes and plaids match perfectly, and quilt layers won't shift.

Compact and portable sewing machine

- At less than 6 kg, the SINGER® Featherweight C240 is perfect for taking your sewing classes! Great for sewing in smaller spaces and can be easily transported.

Durable metal frame

- The sewing machine's internal skeleton is constructed of durable metal that keeps all mechanisms in perfect alignment, with no jumps or ripples during sewing, and greatly increases its overall durability.

70 stitches!

- The stitches are displayed inside the machine's lid when it is lifted, allowing a complete and accurate view to the user. Choose from basic stitches, stretch stitches, decorative stitches, stitches for quilting and fantastic applique, as well as three styles of automatic buttonholes. You'll have the perfect stitch for any project!

Easy Touch Stitch Selection

- Simply press the selection buttons on the machine's front panel to choose the stitch to be sewn. The selected number of stitches is displayed on the LED screen. Simple, right?

Adjustable Stitch Width and Stitch Length

- The stitch length and width are optimized when you choose the stitch, but you can still adjust them to suit Your needs as needed. All simply and quickly, directly from the "Easy Touch Stitch" keypad

Integrated Automatic Buttonhole

- Simply place the button in the slot of the included buttonhole foot to sew buttonholes perfectly sized for the button. Each buttonhole is done in one step, providing equal results every time.

Two LED light sources

- Optimized lighting illuminates the sewing area without shadows. For sewing at any time, effortlessly and smoothly :)

"INFO" button

- By pressing the Info button, the Singer Featherweight C240 will show the recommended presser foot for the selected stitch on the LCD screen. Easier than that :)

Tie-off (Knot) button

- Pressing the Tie-Off button while sewing will immediately stop the stitch and sewing. You can also program the machine to tie-off at the end of a stitch before you start sewing.

Start / Stop button

- Press this button to start or stop the machine if you choose to sew without using the foot pedal. Yes, you got it right, the Singer FeatherWeight C240 can sew even without the help of the included foot pedal! FANTASTIC, ISN'T IT ? :)

Snap-on presser feet

- Six snap-on presser feet are included. The standard IEF presser foot is on the machine at the time of delivery. Also included is the decorative stitch foot with IEF, invisible hem foot with IEF, zipper foot with IEF and one-time buttonhole foot. The presser feet can be easily stored in the removable storage compartment.

Speed Control

- Set the machine's maximum sewing speed wherever you wish - faster for long seams, slower for more complicated projects. You're always in complete control!

Extra high presser foot lift

- Raise the presser foot to the highest position so that thicker fabrics, quilts, etc., can be easily positioned.

Free arm

- It's easy and simple to pull out the accessory boxfor free arm work, making it easy to sew trouser hems, sleeve cuffs and other smaller projects.

29Needle positions

- Choose any of 29 needle positions so you can place the needle exactly where you want to sew-perfect for topstitching, quilting, inserting zippers and more.

High Needle/Low Needle

- Press this button to move the needle up or down to set the stop position for sewing. Outstanding for free-motion sewing, applique, pockets and more.

Reverse button

Stainless steel needle plate

... and so many other features make this sewing machine, one of a kind and absolutely suitable for all users, from beginners to the most demanding

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