Bernette B48 Funlock review

Bernette B48 Funlock review

With Bernette B48 Funlock you will have almost unlimited possibilities for your creations! Because? Because it boasts a wide range of stitches to choose from: 15 overlock stitches, 3 cover stitches, 4 combo stitches, stitches for highly elastic materials... and much more!

In addition to focusing on quantity, the Bernette B48 Funlock also focuses on the quality of the point. In fact, thanks to a series of machine features, you can create accurate and well-made creations.

The main functions of Bernette B48 Funlock

What makes this machine so suitable for different types of work and so high quality? Not only offering a wide choice of stitches, but also different functions that will make your sewing project a true masterpiece!

Simplified needle threading and large work area

One of the greatest difficulties that sewing machines present is to be able to introduce the thread into the needle correctly and quickly. Bernette B48 Funlock offers color-coded threading routes that won't waste your time. And if this is not enough, there is also a separate needle threader to facilitate the action. To simplify your project even more, the machine offers 87 mm of working area! This will guarantee you more security and also the possibility of carrying out the largest sewing projects.

LED light and sewing precision

To have a fixed light at work, Bernette B48 Funlock offers a bright LED light that, as such, illuminates in only one direction. In this way, the lighting will not only be good in the area under the needle but also very precise!

Another important feature of the machine lies in its speed. With its 1300 points per minute it allows you to achieve very precise points even at high speeds.

The accessories supplied with Bernette B48 Funlock

To make the Bernette B48 Funlock so complete, we find a series of tools that have the function of making your work optimal. Among them we point out an oiler, to avoid jamming of the machine and ensure that it always works as the first time. You will also find 5 wire unwinding discs, 5 nets for wire spools and 5 cone holders. In addition, a replacement of the upper knife is provided, in case the one present in the machine wears out.

The accessories described above are just some of those that you will find supplied with the Bernette B48 Funlock. On our website you will find the complete list!

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