Husqvarna Viking Tribute 150C Electronic Sewing Machines

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Celebrate 150 years of the HUSQVARNA® VIKING® with the limited-edition TRIBUTE™ 150C computerized sewing machine.

The TRIBUTE™ 150C sewing machine encapsulates a rich heritage of the brand with new colors, a beautiful anniversary logo, and a limited edition accessory case.


Husqvarna Viking Tribute 150C Electronic Sewing Machines - 5 Year Warranty

Celebrate 150 years of the HUSQVARNA® VIKING® with the limited-edition TRIBUTE™ 150C computerized sewing machine. The TRIBUTE™ 150C machine encapsulates a rich heritage of the brand with new colors, a beautiful anniversary logo and a limited edition accessory case. Key features such as the unique SEWING ADVISOR,™ perfectly balanced buttonholes, graphic display, and over 160 dots and characters make this machine the perfect way to commemorate 150 years of superior engineering and cutting-edge technology.

For its 150th anniversary, inside this special sewing machine, Husqvarna Viking wanted to celebrate with you, including a special Kit of 5 feet:

1) Open foot for applications
2) Foot with central slat
3) Foot for invisible hinges
4) 1/4" inch adjustable foot
5) Transparent foot for cords

Modern innovation

The unique EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ technology automatically and continuously adjusts the seam of any thickness of fabric thanks to a sensor for perfect feeding.
The Start/Stop button – starts and stops the seam without using the foot pedal. Great for sewing rows of decorative stitches, eyelets, buttons, and for winding the bobbin.
The automatic thread cutter will save you a lot of time. Automatically cuts the needle and bobbin thread.
The touch screen is easy to navigate and shows all your settings.
The self-adjusting electronic thread tension automatically sets the best tension for different sewing techniques and fabrics.

Great possibilities

Thanks to the bobbin thread sensor, the machine stops and warns when the bobbin thread is about to run out.
The large sewing area (200 mm) and the long arm makes it easy to sew large projects.
A large number of beautiful stitches for limitless creativity, including 7 mm wide stitches.

Convenience for the user

The unique SEWING ADVISOR® function optimizes sewing with automatic settings.
3 LEDs to reduce shading when sewing.


Start/Stop Function (Sew without foot pedal)
Manual thread trimmer
Sensor Wire Coil
Wide Display 3" (64x48 mm)
Large 8" (200 mm) working area
Utility, elastic and decorative stitches 208
Total points (including dots, alphabets, and numbers) 160
Programmable Alphabets 3
3 LED Lights
"My Points" menu with 12 Memories, 240 points


Point Selection: Large Graphic Display
Stitches on screen in real size
Needle Positions: 29
"Easy attachment" feet included: 10
Automatic buttonholes: 7
PBB function (Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes)
"Attach button" function
FIX function
Stop Function
"High Needle/Low Needle" function
"Automatic Tapering" function
"Pictograms" function
Both vertical and horizontal point mirroring function
Edit stitch in both length and width
Stitch width: 7 mm
Electronic Speed Control: 5 Speed
Instantaneous and permanent reversing


Built-in needle threader
Wind bobbin directly from the needle
Set Menu
Languages 12
Extendable Boc Accessories
Self-lubricating rotary hook
Soft suitcase

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Customer typeCreative
Patchwork & Quilt
Machine TypeElectronics
Typology CrochetHorizontal rotary
Number of Points160
Number of buttonholes7
Thread trimmerNo
Number of Alphabets3
DisplayBacklit LCD
Sewing Advisor Sewing GuideYes
Stitch Width7 mm
Needle threaderYes
Weight9 Kg
Machine Dimensions40 x 22 x 30 Cm
Guarantee5 years of the parent company

Specific References

Contenuto della confezione
  • Piedino per punti utili A
  • Piedino per punti decorativi B
  • Piedino per asole C
  • Piedino per orlo invisibile D
  • Piedino per cerniere E
  • Piedino per rifiniture J
  • Piedino sensore per asole in un unico passaggio
  • Solette scorrevoli
  • piedino aperto per applicazioni
  • piedino con lamella centrale
  • Piedino per cerniere invisibili
  • piedino regolabile da 1/4" pollice
  • piedino trasparente per cordoncini
  • taglia asole,
  • pennello,
  • cacciavite,
  • feltrini (2),
  • bobine (5),
  • stilo,
  • ferma rocchetto piccolo e grande,
  • confezione di aghi, 
  • pedale,
  • cavo alimentazione.

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