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Freehand quilt foot " Echo Quilt " Free motion. Code : 821002096.


The Free-motion Echo Quilting foot is designed to give you more control over your freehand quilt. The wide base ensures a good contact surface with the fabric and provides greater control of the seam. The transparent base allows 360° visibility. Vertical, horizontal and circular markings on the foot allow you to easily follow a continuous quilt pattern or pattern on the fabric.
Sew straight lines or follow patterns with rounded edges in any direction.
Foot for freehand quilting machine sewing machine Pfaff 821002096

Are you a quilting enthusiast and want to turn your sewing machine Pfaff quilting? This foot is designed to give you optimal control to quilt freehand. The wide base provides a good contact surface with the fabric and greater seam control. The transparent base allows perfect visibility. Markings on the foot allow you to easily follow a quilt pattern or pattern on the fabric. Sew straight lines or follow patterns with rounded edges easily.


Unplug the sewing machine before mounting the unit

1. Disengage the IDT system.
2. Loosen the foot attachment screw completely and remove the attachment.
3. Insert the Free-motion Echo Quilting foot into the foot bar and secure it with the screw included in the package.
4. Put the machine on.
5. Select a straight point.
6. Set the sewing machine PFAFF to Sensormatic freehand mode. The jaws are lowered automatically.
Please note: when the jaws are lowered, the machine no longer transports the fabric. You have to move the fabric.
7. Fish the thread of the reel by sewing a stitch. Hold both threads and sew a few stitches to get started.
8. Keep a smooth speed and move the fabric with smooth movement. Moving the fabric adjust the length of the stitches.
9. Sew around the quilt pattern, application or pattern on the fabric, keeping an even distance to draw the shape.
10. Sew a second line, keeping an even distance from the first line. Use the red marks on the foot as a guide to keep the space even.
11. Repeat as many times as necessary to create the desired effect.
Note: Sewing in Sensormatic freehand mode, at low speed the foot rises and falls at each point to hold the fabric on the seam plate during stitch formation. At a higher speed, the foot remains suspended over the fabric while sewing.

Compatible with machines with Sensormatic system, J :

Creative Sensation, Sensation Pro, Sensation Pro II, creative ICON, creative Vision, Creative 4.5, 4.0, 3.0, 2.0, Performance 5.0, Performance 5.2, Expression 4.2, Expression 4.0

NOT SUITABLE FOR EXPRESSION 2.0, Expression 3.0, Expression 3.2, Expression 3.5, Expression 150

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Piedini per:Patchwork e Quilt

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  • Macchine linea J )

Pfaff creative Sensation PRO 2, Pfaff creative Sensation PRO, Pfaff creative Sensation, creative vision, creative performance, Pfaff creative 4.0, Pfaff creative 4.5, Pfaff creative 3.0, Pfaff creative 2.0, Pfaff performance 5.0, Pfaff performance 5.2, Pfaff quilt expression 4.2, Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0, Pfaff expression 3.2, Pfaff Expression 3.5, Pfaff Expression 3.0, Pfaff Expression 2.0, Pfaff expression 150,Pfaff Expression 710, Pfaff Expression 720, Pfaff Expression 710 SE, Pfaff Expression 720 SE

  • Macchine linea L )

Pfaff ICON, Pfaff ICON 2, Pfaff Performance ICON

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