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The zipper foot is a very important accessory and will help you sew the zippers in a perfect way. To attach all kinds of zippers, it is important to sew very close to the teeth. With the hinge foot it is possible. LOOK AT THE DETAIL TO KNOW IF THIS FOOT IS GOOD FOR YOUR CAR.

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The zipper foot is a very important accessory and will help you sew the zippers in a perfect way. To attach all kinds of zippers, it is important to sew very close to the teeth. With the hinge foot it is possible. This foot can be inserted to the right or left of the stem of the foot, depending on the part of the zipper to be sewn.


Thin zipper (hidden on both sides):

1. Sorfila all the seam margins. Merge the fabrics straight against straight with a standard stitch to the zipper insertion point.

2. Wrap up the rest of the seam. Iron the open seam.

3. Wrap up the zipper, centering the teeth along the basted seam line and with the zipper slider sticking out beyond the end of the edge of the garment.

4. Insert the zipper foot.

5. Place the edge of the zipper foot next to the zipper teeth and move the needle about 6-10mm from the center seam line. Sew along both sides and at the bottom of the zipper with the straight stitch.

6. Remove the basting points.

Visible zipper:

The visible zippers are those that are most found on clothing. Before sewing the zipper, a reinforcement is applied to the opening.

1. Cut a strip of fabric 3cm wider and 2cm longer than the zipper.

2. Row over the edges of the reinforcing strip.

3. With a fabric pen trace the lines of the hinge opening on the reverse of the project. The distance between the seam lines corresponds to the width of the zipper teeth + 3 mm. With the straights together put the reinforcing strip in the center beyond the opening and pin the whole.

4. Sew along the lines you have drawn.

5. Cut along the center of the hinge opening, ending about 6mm from the bottom. Fix the corners to an angle of the opening.

6. Turn the reinforcement to the back and stretch.

7. Center the hinge below the edges of the opening. Pin or baste.

8. Use foot 4 with the needle set to sew at the distance you prefer from the edge of the reinforcement.

Point: straight point



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